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For typing tone marks in Microsoft Word, click "insert" from the pull down menu, then click "symbol".
You can find the following tone mark symbols then.
The font used in the following symbols is "Comic Sans MS".

High Level Codes   Rising Codes   Falling Codes
â 226 á 225 à 224
ê 234 é 233 è 232
î 238 í 237 ì 236
ô 244 ó 243 ò 242
û 251 ú 250 ù 249
m+175 m+180 m` m+96
ng¯ ng+175 ng´ ng+180 ng` ng+96

The following character codes look nicer for high level tone marks in MS word document:
ā (257) ē (275) ī (299) ō (333) ū (363) .
However the tone marks for these symbols cannot be read in some systems on the internet
Therefore "â ê î ô û" are used in this web site.